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Enjoy the best technology and data on the market

One of our golf professionals will be stationed on a hole with Trackman set up, engaging players to participate and take advantage of our technology. Players will be able to see crucial data points like club path, face angle, spin, carry and total distance. We have the ability to take video and provide accurate, valuable feedback to each player. There are a variety of games and ways to use Trackman at your golf outing, so elevate your event with the Trackman Advantage today!

“Trackman Experience” Client Testimonials

“Participating in the Trackman Advantage organized by California Golf Events was a super neat experience that allowed players to experience the best cutting-edge technology in golf. The integration of Trackman not only added an element of excitement and innovation to the golfing experience but also significantly contributed to the success of our fundraising efforts.

Zach was hitting long drives with every group, and provided valuable data with feedback to each player after they swung. The group cumulatively tried to see how far they could hit it, with the longest group winning a cool prize. The Trackman Advantage created a unique experience and lasting impression at our tournament, therefore we would definitely recommend California Golf Events to any organization looking to elevate their golf event.

– Cole C.