Golf Fundraising Games and Clinics


One of our skilled professionals will be stationed at a par 3, inviting your group to take part in a closest-to-the-pin contest. Participants who choose to join and contribute will have the opportunity to lower their score on that hole. In addition, each player will receive raffle tickets for an exciting prize drawing. This signature game is our most popular, as it has a strong track record of raising the greatest amount of money.

Long Drive Pro

One of our professionals will be stationed on either a par 4 or 5, engaging players in a long drive competition. If the group decides to participate they will tee off from one of the various tee boxes offered and pick the best drive from there (including the pro’s). They will then lie either 0 or 1 from that point, based on their donation. Additionally, each player will receive raffle tickets for a prize drawing, and if they outdrive the pro, there is something extra in it for them.

Trackman Advantage

A professional golfer will be stationed on a hole with Trackman set up, engaging players to participate and take advantage of our technology. Players will be able to see crucial data points like club path, face angle, spin, carry and total distance. We have the ability to take video and provide accurate, valuable feedback to each player. There are a variety of additional games and ways to use Trackman at your golf outing as well.

Instructional Clinic

For a flat fee, one of our professional golfers will conduct an instructional clinic for the players at your event. This clinic can be seamlessly paired with one of our aforementioned games as part of your charity golf outing, or provided on its own. We can cover various aspects of the game, including full swing, short game, putting, course management and the mental side. We can tailor the areas of focus and duration of the clinic to best suit your event. This educational and engaging clinic can be a fantastic way to boost your event and help players enhance their skills.

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