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Instructional Clinic

For a flat fee, one of our professional golfers will conduct an instructional clinic for the players at your event. This clinic can be seamlessly paired with one of our aforementioned games as part of your charity golf outing, or provided on its own. We can cover various aspects of the game, including full swing, short game, putting, course management and the mental side. We can tailor the areas of focus and duration of the clinic to best suit your event. This educational and engaging clinic can be a fantastic way to boost your event and help players enhance their skills.

“Instructional Clinic” Client Testimonials

“Attending a clinic with California Golf Events was a transformative experience for my golf game. The hands-on approach and expert guidance provided by Elizabeth, the professional golfer leading the lesson, were truly invaluable. Her wealth of knowledge and personalized instruction not only helped me understand the finer points of my swing but also made a significant impact on my score later that day. I learned a great deal from her expertise and can confidently say that the clinic was both educational and enjoyable. I highly recommend California Golf Events to anyone looking to elevate their golf event and provide a service to their players that is lasting and meaningful. I look forward to continue refining my skills.”

– Danny D.